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There comes a time when you're no longer able to care for your loved one's medical needs at home. They might need injected medications that you are not confident injecting. Maybe they need to be moved or sponge bathed, and you're not strong enough to do it on your own. At times like these, home health care service organizations can come to your rescue. Most people approach in-home care with a little apprehension, and that's understandable. Having a stranger come into your home can be strange! We hope that in reading the articles on this website, you'll grow more comfortable with the idea and learn a bit more about what home care has to offer.


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2 Ways To Help Your Parent After They Break Their Hip

When your parent falls and breaks their hip, they are going to need to have some help in order to get back into good shape. Depending on their age, health, and the severity of their injury, there are different ways that your parent can get the help that they need in order to get better. 

Rehab Center

One way for your parent to get the help that they need is that they can go to a rehab center after they leave the hospital. These centers are designed to act as a step in between the hospital and home. When your parent gets there, they will have medical staff who can take care of them. While your parent is at the rehab center, they will be able to do things like get the physical therapy that they need to have to get back up and on their feet again. Your parent will also be able to get the treatment that they need to have for whatever ongoing health concerns that they have. As your parent gets better and their hip heals up, they will be able to go home. 

Home Health Care

Another option is to go with home health care. In this case, instead of your parent going to a center to work with a medical professional, the medical professional is going to come to your house. There are different levels home health care, so you can get the one that will work best for you and your parent. For example, if your parent needs to have some kind of medicine administered, you can have a registered nurse come out to administer the meds. Or, if your parent needs to have someone who can help them with the daily living activities, like getting dressed, getting up and around, or going out to the store, there are home health care workers who can come see your parents on a daily basis and help them with those needs. The nice thing about in-home care is that your parent is going to be able to recuperate at their own house, which can help them feel better during a difficult time. 

If your parent has broken a hip, they are going to need to have time and help in order to get better. There are various ways that you can help get your parent back up on their feet and feeling as good as possible as soon as possible.