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There comes a time when you're no longer able to care for your loved one's medical needs at home. They might need injected medications that you are not confident injecting. Maybe they need to be moved or sponge bathed, and you're not strong enough to do it on your own. At times like these, home health care service organizations can come to your rescue. Most people approach in-home care with a little apprehension, and that's understandable. Having a stranger come into your home can be strange! We hope that in reading the articles on this website, you'll grow more comfortable with the idea and learn a bit more about what home care has to offer.


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3 Benefits Of Using Hospice Care

Hospice care is a good choice for the end of someone's life. Hospice care is designed to help people and their families in the last few months of life. If you are in the stage of your life when you need to make end-of-life choices for yourself or your loved one, you can get many benefits from hospice care. 

In-Home Care

One of the benefits of using hospice care is that they can come to your house and help you with the person at the end of their life. That will let the patient stay at home, in a calm and familiar setting, surrounded by friends and family. There are some hospice centers that people can check into for that period, and the centers are as homelike as possible, but the true goal of hospice is to help a person pass with dignity and in familiar settings. The hospice workers are there to help the family and the patient in any way they can. 

Palliative Care

One thing that hospice can really help with is palliative care. Generally, this kind of care is for people who have ended any type of curative treatment, for example, people with cancer who have stopped receiving chemo, radiation, or other treatments. Palliative care takes over at that point and helps ease the pain the person may be in. The goal is to make the person as comfortable as possible. Part of the problem with doing that when people are on curative treatments is that taking enough pain control medication to help keep someone comfortable can end up interfering with other treatments. It can also start to depress some of the patient's systems. Taking enough pain medication to ensure comfort requires someone to keep a close eye on the patient, which is what hospice care nurses who deal with palliative care can do. 

Grief Counseling

Even an expected death is hard on the family. Hospice care offers counseling to all family members before and after the patient dies. Counseling can make a tough time a lot easier for everyone involved. 

If you have to make end-of-life decisions for yourself or a family member, you should look into hospice care. The hospice workers can help you in a lot of ways, and it can make a time that can be really difficult for everyone, especially the patient. Hospice care has many services and benefits you can take advantage of.

For more information about hospice, contact a local provider.